Meeting once a month:

There will be a meeting held each month by all the members for discussions over important topics. All the meeting’s conclusions will be recorded. The criticism and advice will be given due importance.

Organizing football matches and tournaments:

We hope to organize official and unofficial matches for players of all age groups. Matches are the exams where kids will show what they learn during practice. They will learn to win and lose together as a team.

Voluntary/professional coaching:

All of the players who are part of MTFC would be volunteering to coach and guide the young kids to become good footballers. A schedule can be worked out which will be comfortable for everybody. We would need all the help possible to achieve what we plan.

Screening of football matches on the weekends:

There can be screening of football matches organized at the weekends for all the fans to come together and support the international clubs they like. This will be a good distraction from the busy working schedules for all of us.

Personality development classes:

Personality development classes can be organized for the kids as well as other members to help them achieve success not only in football by also in their careers.

Community service:

It is always good to give something back to the society.

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