Create top quality players with good physical strength and technical qualities:

If a player is coached in the right manner from a young age and is able to develop a good attitude, there is nothing that can stop him/her from becoming a good football player.

  • At a young age of 5 – 9 years, a child is encouraged to do anything he wants to do with the ball at his feet. It makes him comfortable in running with the ball, controlling it and the kicking it accurately.
  • For 10-14 years old kids, the training is focused on skill development. Players are encouraged to do all the skills possible to get the best creativity on the pitch without the pressure of losing possession. This is where the footballing brain for the game-play starts to make the difference between good and excellent players.
  • At the age of 14-17 years, players develop physically and are ready to prove their worth.

Guide these players and help them achieve success at top level:

It is the responsibility of senior players and family member to guide and support the players to achieve success. Without our help and support, the players will never be able to reach their full potential.

Build a team for the future to compete in professional leagues and competitions:

The belief is that after a few years, we would have a group of players who will make an excellent team. This team will be registered with Delhi Soccer Association and compete in professional tournaments. The aim is to work our way up the rankings and achieve success at national and international level.

By participation in international tournaments, we will get good recognition as a team and as an organization. Most important would be the exposure for our players which would help them judge themselves as players.



Motivate and give guidance to the youth:

It is said that half of the battle is won in the mind. A kid needs to develop the right attitude right from the start. More important than having a good set of skills is the “never give in spirit “. A player must never give up on any situation. The score board should not come in the way of his commitment.

Focus and motivation throughout is the key factor which separates the good from the excellent.     

Build space to play football for the future generations:

There is no shortage of grounds, parks and open spaces in Model Town. But none of them are available for kids to play freely. They often face harassment by the people, gardener and even by the police.

It’s time to come together as a community and show support for the game that we love. Many arrangements can be made that would help us fulfill our dream.

Build a team of football professionals to work with the future generations:

We believe that within few years, we will have a dedicated team of coaches and players who would be willing to take time out of their busy schedules to help the kids and take pride in their success.


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