We wish to promote and support football to make it more than just a game. We plan to create a better future for ourselves and more importantly for the next generation.

Better future as a player.

India hosting Football U-17 World Cup means that football is the next big thing in India. With the new IMG-Reliance league coming up and the already existing I-League getter better each season, future for Indian football seems brighter than before. Players are getting paid a good amount every season to represent a team in these leagues. More over in this world of globalization, opportunities for a good player are immense on an international level.

Disciplined lifestyle:

Today, the youth is getting attracted to many unhealthy habits which by their understanding seems to be a normal lifestyle. Some of the habits can be addictive and harmful. Most of these acts start under peer pressure hence it is of utmost importance to have a good company around. Football demands a disciplined lifestyle including healthy eating habit, proper sleep and rest and most important is a strong personality. With most of the kids getting involved in one healthy activity, chances of going off track and picking up any harmful habits are minimised.

Character Building

Football takes you through many strong emotions. It makes you feel the thrill of a win and sadness of losing. It teaches you to control your emotions during a match and concentrate towards one aim i.e to win, how to work in a team and also to excel individually, to respect your team mates as well as the opponents. It develops a strong personality which would help them to face adversities of life with a strong character.

Healthy community

Being involved in a single activity for a cause would bring people together. It would create a sense of belonging within the community as football does not discriminate on the basis of caste, culture, religion etc. Hopefully MTFC would get people involved in a healthy manner and create a better society for the present and the future.

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