About MTFC

Model Town Football Club is an initiative to promote and support football by the football fans residing in Model Town.

The team was informally named Model Town Football Club by the amateur players playing together in Model Town.

Phase I

It all started back in 2005 in Shalimar Park where a small group of football enthusiasts started to kick the ball around for the first time. The biggest challenge back then was to find a decent space to play football as all the grounds used to host cricket. There were cricket pitches all around and football seemed to be the outcast sport. Therefore, sections of the ground started to get booked on the first come, first served basis. Soon more kids started to join in.

Sometimes a different group of players used to come to play in Shalimar Park but there was only one ground available for football. Therefore the dispute regarding who got to play was settled by a decider match between the two teams. MTFC takes pride in never losing decider matches. Our playing venues changed with time due to different reasons. Shalimar Park, Deco Park, Meetu Park and Alpna Park used to be and still are the venues of choice.

Some of these players started to play in Police Line as well. The characteristics of this game where that the play usually used to start after sunset with only one flash light at the corner of the ground. The ball used to be over inflated and felt as hard as rock. The play used to be very physical and fast paced.

Phase II

As the years passed, football stated to grow as a sport due to extensive media coverage of international leagues. Fan culture started in India for the first time where people started to identify themselves as the supporters of different international football clubs. Due to this, more people started to play football. Model Town had forgotten the days where there was shortage of football fans and players. New players were always welcomed. As the size of the grounds limited the number of players in each team, MTFC members had to come up with a different plan to accommodate the growing number of players. Now three teams were made and a tournament used to take place. Each game used to be for 20 minutes with teams changing sides every 10 minute half.

Phase III

Now MTFC had started producing good quality players. The challenge was to see how good we were. MTFC started to play away matches with different teams. One of our first challenges was the team from Camp. During these matches, the team was dominated by players from police line who were fast, physically strong and had good stamina. Then came the matches with IP College, Sri Fort, ISH, Alipur, Gola Park, District Park etc. Some of the parties after a win are unforgettable and maybe more fun than the match.

Now the team consists of players residing all over Model Town and the game has become more technical with each player playing in their specialized position. The game-play improves each day with players gaining more skills and learning from each other.

This journey of football has been incredible and we all at MTFC take pride to be a part of it. Off course, there were many fights and arguments during the games but a sincere effort was made to solve all the differences on the field. Off the field, this group helped each other in every possible way and all of them will always have each other’s back.

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